Framework Introduction

ZNZN Framework is a professional code framework based on open source code and philosophy simplicity developed by Turkish developers using the PHP web programming language. The building, which was started to develop in 2011, has been distributed free of charge to developers since 30 March 2015. In Turkey, for there is no work in this area at the highest level previously accepted Turkey's first professional code framework.

The expansion of ZN is zeroneed, ie zero need. Its development started with this vision. With the changing needs from time to time, flexibility has been achieved in this vision. Our new vision on simplicity philosophy is to prepare the environment where the users can develop comfortable projects.

"ZN Framework is a volunteer man project."

Supported Features

Simple Integration

ZN Framework is easy to install. External structures can be easily integrated.

High Security

ZN Framework system security threats, SQL injections, were able to pass in front of a lot more malicious attacks such as scripts within the site.

High Performance

ZN Code allows the roof to the appropriate code to speed development work on the W3C standards. hierarchical methods have been developed to avoid some of the code dump.

Clean Coding

Recover allows you to clutter your code more simple and streamlined code. So returning to the dump site's code will be blocked.

M-V-C Structure

ZN Framework provides multiple project development environments on a single system.

Framework Structure

PHP- 99.5%
HTML - 0%
Javascript - 0%
CSS - 0.5%
Other - 0%